Infinity services
What we do
Thorough assessment looking at development, motor skill, balance, gait and muscle strength/length.
Baby MOT – a head to toe musculoskeletal and movement assessment of your baby.

Individualised treatment programmes tailored to the baby or child and generally carried out during play and functional activities.
Specialist rehabilitation packages for Constraint Induced Movement Therapy, Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, post-op rehabilitation and Developmental Co-ordination Disorder.
How we work
Holistic approach – focusing on the baby or child as well as their family and education.
Wide treament age range – specialist paediatric physiotherapy for babies and children under 16 years of age for a range of conditions.
Flexible treatment locations – sessions are offered at the child’s home, nursery or school depending on the need of the child and their family.
From birth and throughout childhood some children require specialist input to reach or return to their full physical potential. We offer expertise, support and advice to help them reach that goal.